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Find Peace Within 

Resolution R.E.S.E.T. is a 4 week self-paced health program to help you hit the 'RESET' button on your health & wellness by eating healthy, nutritious meals.  In addition, you'll get unconditional support, encouragement, and accountability from me, a certified health & wellness coach.  

So what is "clean eating?"  It's eating real, whole foods as often as possible.  It's eating food that your body can use to nourish itself for optimum health.   In 4 weeks, you will learn valuable information about nutrition and how simple it is to eat clean so you can improve your  energy, sleep, and save time.

During the 4 week program you will receive: 

  • A weekly educational lesson with fundamental information about nutrition & clean eating principles
  • Weekly meal plans with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks provided for you each day of the program
  • Weekly emails of support and encouragement from me
  • Weekly "Comfort Zone to Challenge" activities to stretch your mindset and experience growth
  • Lifetime access to the meal plans and educational lessons (once I send you the information, it is yours to keep for life!)
  • Membership in a private Facebook accountability group for extra assistance from me & others seeking support

NO calorie counting, just clean eating.  Eat better, sleep better, improve your energy, and take back your time with ready-made-for-you meal plans for  4 weeks.   Are you in?    

Program Investment