Erini Yoga & Wellness, Ltd.

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Wellness, Lifestyle & Health Coaching

Wellbeing encompasses  life satisfaction, energy, mental and emotional fitness, health, exercise and nutrition.  When one or more of these areas of wellness are not functioning, it is hard to achieve a state of maximum wellbeing. 

Areas of coaching and growth for clients include:

  • Life Satisfaction - self-confidence, self-esteem, relationships
  • Stress - meditation, journaling, mindfulness, yoga, stress reduction techniques
  • Eating  - mindful eating, weight loss, healthy eating, portion control, meal planning
  • Career - transition, stress, new career
  • Exercise - implementing movement and activity into your day
  • Finances - budgeting, goal setting, saving, spending habits
  • Time Management & Organization - planning for productivity

Group Coaching

One-on-One  & Group Coaching

Individualized, one-on-one coaching is the most intensive, personalized program. Weekly telephone sessions ensure that clients stay on track with goals by providing accountability and support on their journey to achieving their desired outcome.

One-one-One coaching services include:

  • Free initial consultation & assessments
  • Vision creation 
  • Goal setting-long & short term
  • Weekly telephone sessions
  • Written transcript of weekly sessions
  • Undivided attention, accountability & support in a non-judgmental environment
  • Unlimited email and/or text support
  • Resources provided, as needed

Group Coaching

Group coaching programs are a great way for clients to incorporate lifestyle changes into their busy schedule and achieve their goals.  Meetings are held onsite in the workplace or community setting.  Classes can meet as little as once a month or weekly ranging from a period of 8-12 weeks for a "jumpstart" to as long as a year.

Group coaching programs are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their life experience through positive interactions with like minded people guided by an expert coach.  There is strength in numbers.  Making changes is easier when there are others on the same path providing that extra level of accountability and support.  In addition, programs can be customized based on participants to include a variety of educational topics such as meal planning and prep, meditation, journaling, etc.