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If you've tried and failed to get your eating habits in check then you know how frustrating dieting can be.  You work so hard but feel the exact same week-after-week. You probably wonder, What am I doing wrong?

What if I told you that you could eat foods you love and still look and feel amazing without dieting by just eating real, whole foods day after day? No calorie counting. No starvation plans. Just clean eating.  

Half the battle is knowing what to eat and then planning to make sure healthy meals happen. You're busy and the last thing you have time for is browsing the internet for the latest and greatest diet fad or healthy recipe much less making grocery lists. Your time is precious but so is your health.  You know that when your meals are planned properly, you will eat better and feel nourished.  Plus, you will start to achieve the results you've always wanted when you are fueling your body with good food-more energy, better sleep, weight loss, no sugar crashes.  But, who has time for all this planning and preparation?  That's where I can help.

I've created a custom meal planning service to help you make your goal of eating well and feeling good happen.

I will work with you one-on-one to define your goals and learn about your food preferences.  We will then create a meal plan you are actually excited about!  A plan that will be easy to stick to because it is delicious and designed specifically for your personal tastes and lifestyle.

Weekly meal plans can be created to your specifications based upon: 

  • Total time to prepare a meal - under 30 minutes, for example
  • Meal type-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks 
  • Specific eating goal - low sugar, vegan, low sodium, etc.
  • Based on ingredients to include or exclude  - no kale, no shrimp, no dairy
  • Nutrition goal - vitamins, fat, carbs, etc.

You'll receive a PDF in full color with graphics of each recipe, an overview of the weekly menu for easy to follow planning with nutritional information broken down by each day and for each recipe, an itemized grocery list with every item needed for the week, and a prep guide with notes to assist in your preparation.  

The bonus? You can contact me, your meal planner concierge,  as many times as you want to modify or add to your menu at no extra cost.  Affordable monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly meal plan pricing packages.

So, are you ready to get started?

Email me at for a sample meal plan and get started on crushing your goals!