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Customer Testimonials

I really enjoyed your first class and think you're a very gifted yoga instructor. Never before have I had the basics of yoga so clearly laid out.

                                   ~Katharine B., Private Yoga Client

She provides lots of modifications and is great with beginners through advanced. She meets you where you are & celebrates your practice!  I think her true gift is that she exudes this genuine loving acceptance of where you are in your practice, so her energy encourages YOU to love & accept yourself as you move through poses. I actually felt so joyful that I cried a few happy tears, which for me is the mark of a truly great class. She reminded me to be kinder to myself.  

~Colleen H., Small Group Client

I took a yoga class from this amazingly brave woman yesterday.  In teacher language, the class was the perfect blend of rigor, differentiation, and connection to students!  Seriously, the life wisdom she shared at such a young age flowed naturally and I left feeling thoroughly blessed and affirmed.

                                                                          ~Valerie M., Small Group Client

The girls had an awesome experience, and they really had  many positive feedback from the  Yoga session. It is such an  advantage, that you were an educator because you taught Yoga with the same concept as you were a teacher in the classroom.

       ~ Coach Bell, Bogan High School Women's Basketball 

"Thank you so much Loukia for insights you gave me through our weekly sessions. You have a way of making me come up with my own successful solutions by having me analyze why something did or didn't work until I got to a solution that worked all the time! You have a very positive style and always made me see ways to celebrate progress even when I felt I was stalling. I came away from each session 100% energized to face my challenges anew and with revised tools to do so based on our discussions."

~M.B., Wellness Coaching Client

"Through her friendly coaching, gave me the inspiration and motivation to make some major decisions and changes in my three months I feel I met my goal of being in control of my health and happiness.  She helped me realize that I really do have all the tools necessary, just needed a push to use them.  Always friendly and encouraging, never judgmental."

~M.S., Wellness Coaching Client