Erini Yoga & Wellness, Ltd.

Find Peace Within 

Private Yoga

Private Yoga Instruction

One on one, personalized yoga lesson.

I provide you with a personalized yoga lesson,  specifically designed for your needs right in the comfort of your own home.  Each session will include a physical practice, practice in breathing techniques, and in mindfulness.  No experience is necessary.  I meet you exactly where you are.  

Residential Yoga

Small Group Yoga Instruction

Yoga instruction for small groups

I will provide your small group with yoga instruction that is customized based on the participants in the comfort of your home or office.  Perfect for a gathering of a group of friends, family members, or colleagues. Each session will include a physical practice, practice in breathing and in mindfulness techniques.  I provide all the equipment - yoga mats, blocks, and straps. All you need to provide is the space.

Sports Team Yoga

Corporate, School, Non-Profit Organization Yoga

On site personalized yoga class for organizations, teams, and companies. 

I will provide your business, school faculty, community group, or sports team with a yoga practice, guide you in learning breathing and mindfulness techniques, and introduce you to other stress reducing modalities.   This private class option is a great way for members of a business / organization to come together  to practice wellness, reduce stress and improve productivity and performance.  Sports teams looking to incorporate yoga into their conditioning as a method of cross training and to reduce injuries benefit greatly from a regular yoga practice.  I provide all the equipment - yoga mats, blocks, and straps.  All you need to provide is the space.